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Autism Therapist - Hope Corenzwit
Hope Corenzwit, LMSW

Hope Corenzwit, LMSW, helps very young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders reach their best potential by learning new skills and behaviors in fun and meaningful ways.  She offers her services privately and to children receiving Early Intervention services in Ulster and Dutchess County, NY.

ABA – Hope helps children with ASD learn new skills and behaviors in fun and meaningful ways with ABA, and includes goals to help with daily family life.  Hope recognizes that children make their best progress when they enjoy what they are doing and when their parents are an integral part of their treatment.

Parent Training helps parents learn how to help their child with autism spectrum disorders up to 5 years old achieve goals for family life.  Parents learn how parenting a child with ASD can be unique and how they can help their child achieve social and behavioral goals for life at home.

Treatment for Special Cases – Hope has expertise to help children with ASD who are having difficulty benefitting from treatment or were making progress, but progress has slowed or stopped.

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