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Treatments for Young Children


Autism Therapist - Hope Corenzwit
Hope Corenzwit, LMSW

Does this sound familiar?

  Your child was diagnosed with autism.  You did your research and got the best treatment you could find.  He was making progress, but then it stopped despite everyone’s best efforts.


  Your child with autism has been receiving treatment for a while. Only, you don’t see any real progress.  It seems like no one is getting through to help your son or daughter.

Hope Corenzwit specializes in helping the Hard to Reach Child with Autism.  She developed Spectrum Breakthrough Intervention (SBI), a short-term, playful approach, to reach young children who are not benefiting from treatment or doing as well as expected.  She helps them begin to make progress and meaningful connections with the people in their lives.   Hope has helped many children with autism make significant progress for nearly 20 years.

Treatment for Special Cases tells about this unique service to help:

  • children with severe autism unable to benefit from typical treatments
  • children stuck on a learning plateau to resume making progress


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